Oct 2, 2017

So I met these two Filipina (Jean and Jeannie) with kids here in Stord who eventually became my friends and invited me to their house to have a chitchat & ofcourse eat a lot of food. 

Since I brought my camera with me, I decided to have a little fun with their daughters. I asked them to dressed up because we are going to play "model like" photoshoot. I was surprise that they ended up with these looks. I think they are really into it and they can be a future models too because they can follow my directions when I asked them to do a certain pose.

Here are the photos we had. I hope you guys like it. 

Kitty's Winter Look

Rebecca's Autumn Look

I'm Ready to see the Queen's Look

Let's keep it Simple Look

Summer Look

White and Ready
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I can offer you an affordable package including makeup and styling. 

Thank you Jean and Jeannie for lending me your daughters. I know that in Norwegian culture they don't like their kids being photograph to be posted online. So just so you know I have their permissions to post this. 


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