Oct 18, 2017

When the sun shows up put on your shoes, go out and enjoy the weather. Hiking is the usual outdoor activity to do here in Norway. I'm not really a fan of hiking but since Norway has an amazing nature to offer, I decided maybe I should enjoy it while I'm here.

So the original plan was to go to Hardanger, however since we don't have much time, we decided to go somewhere closer and not too steep mountain to hike. 

It is 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from where I live and more than an hour to reach the peak. But it depends on how fast or slow you walk. But most likely it's just more than an hour walk.

Himåkåna is 357 meters above the sea level so it is not that hard to hike. Just make sure you wear the proper shoes. Do not be like me, I didn't wear the proper shoes for hiking so I ended up having wet feet since the mountain is a bit wet because it's been raining the day before we hike. Also it can be slippery so a proper shoes is really a must. And make sure you are wearing clothes that are warm enough if you are hiking in a cold weather. A waterproof/water resistant clothes is ideal in case it suddenly rain.

If you don't like hiking in a rainy days like me, make sure to check the weather before you plan of going out. In Norway, the most reliable weather forecasting app is called yr. You can also check their website here

Once you reached the peak of the Himåkåna you'll be just blown away because the view is breathtaking. Make sure you brought your camera with you so you can have an instagramable photo with it. The most important thing. lol. 

Here are some of the photos I got during the hike.

Pretending I'm not afraid. :p
When suddenly wind blows
That was a little bit scary

I hope you guys like it. See you on my next blog. :)

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