Jul 21, 2016

As you will notice, I've been very active the past few days doing yoga, crossfit and gym exercises. I'm not doing this to lose weight, I just wanted to do something productive when I'm not doing makeup job so I tried to get a guava pass membership for a month to try different kinds of exercises. So before my membership for a month expire, which  is tomorrow, I decided to try boxing. Actually I was thinking maybe I could try boxing, then fencing and yoga in a day just for me to used up the the guava pass membership before I had it cut. But after the boxing session I no longer have an energy to do other stuff. I guess I underestimate boxing. LOL. You'll enjoy guava pass if you love yoga, boxing, fencing class, and crossfit because they have a lot of choices for that. I didn't like it because they don't have open gym in Makati but they in Quezon City. I prefer to go to the gym so i can lift weights and work out my legs and butt which is my favorite thing to do. Thus I decided to cut my membership after trying it for a month. But before that, let me enjoy my first time in boxing class.

You can watch the video below if you wanna see how it goes.

Just my tip, if you wanna go boxing in Elorde make sure you have your own gloves because their gloves is so smelly, must be because so many people used it already. I don't have a choice but to rent gloves because I don't own one since I don't do boxing as my hobby anyways. I paid 75 pesos including the bondage.

Boxing is really tiring for me, I guess this is a good exercise if you really wanna lose weight because all of your body parts are being active. I still prefer going to the gym though, however I enjoyed the boxing session I had today.

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