Jul 19, 2016

1. Transformers
Name your celebrity crush and you can date her in an hour. You have no reason to look for other girls because they can make themselves look like anyone you fantasized. (Mambabae ka pa talaga? di ka makuntento?)

PHOTO Grabbed from @phochoy_29 instagaram

2. Weightlifters
You have no idea how much weights they're carrying everyday. Just the makeup station itself weighs 15kg with nothing inside, plus the other lights and makeup tools will weigh more or less 30kg in total. It won't be that hard for you if you break their heart because you know they can survive. (kahit anong bigat kaya nila yan. Pasan ko ang daigdig ang peg niyan.)

3. Passionate
Always excited whenever they booked a makeup gig, because they never feel like working at all, they're inlove with their job. They are passionate about it, even if it means standing for long hours even whole day, with no eating in between and facing demanding clients. Their passion is incomparable. (Try mo lang wala naman mawawala kung susubukan mo.)

PHOTO Grabbed from paulaponderings.com

4. Funny
Makeup artists are not just there to beautify their clients. They're also entertaining their clients specially the brides, to ease the nervousness they're feeling on that big day. So you won't be bored dating them because they were born being an entertainer too. (para kang nasa comedy bar everyday pak! ganern!)

PHOTO Grabbed from sheknows.com 

5. Patient
No matter how long the waiting hours is they'll wait because the taping isn't done yet. They have to be there to do the retouch and everything. They wont rush you and will wait for you when you are ready. (Pero huwag mo naman paasahin sa wala at lalong lalo na sa parang meron, sabihin mo agad ng derecho. Ganyan kayo eh! Paasa!)

PHOTO Grabbed from desktopnexus.com


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