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Oct 7, 2015

My friend posted a photo on facebook while picking blueberries and I kinda felt ecstatic like a kid to experience that in real life. I only see blueberries fruit but i have no idea how its trees looked like. My friend was in Kvinesdal Norway for a Holiday that time so i talked to her and asked if i can visit her in her boyfriend's place so i could experience to pick some blueberries since I'm also going in Norway for 2 months vacation. Sound fancy isn't it? 
Finally I'm here!. After 2 hours of Train ride and 20 mins Taxi ride I was able to find their place. And ofcourse I'm so hungry when I arrived so she prepared some food we could eat.

Yay! as you can see she made this blueberry cheesecake. I'm not a fan of cake but I could eat this all because I didn't find eat sweet at all. All I can taste is the blueberry fruit. 

Before heading to her boyfriend's cabin where we could pick bluberries, we had to chill out first after we ate because I'm so full that I can't even walk properly. Lol.
Btw this is their cute house. So clean and tidy inside courtesy of ate Amie ofcourse. I think in general, we Fililipina are so OC when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of the house.  
Here we go! Time to do some sightseeing first before we finally go to their cabin. Kenneth (Amie's Boyfriend) drove us to here so I could see Kvinesdal on top. Their place is so small I could see all the houses. I learned that there is 6000 population in this area. So small compare to 100 million population in the Philippines. No wonder it's not polluted in Norway. 
Ate Amie, her boyfriend and Me  ofcourse we need to take a groupie. Thank you Kuya Kenneth for welcoming me to your house. 
Here we are. This is where their cabin is located. Near this lake where you can go fishing and ride a boat if you got nothing to do. I took this inside their cabin because the rain started to drop.
Wow! is the firs word i uttered when i get inside their cabin. How can you not be amaze with this place? I feel like I'm in a 5 star resort/hotel or something. I loved the chandelier. 
Last picture inside the cabin before we go out to their backyard for blueberry picking. 
Finally! So this is how blueberry tree looked like in real life, or should i call this a grass. Lol. I was like whaaattt??? Well Norway has a small version of blueberries, because the one we can see at the groceries are bigger than this. But nothing to worry about because it still taste like a blueberry. 

This is all what we got after 20 mins of picking. We almost made it full before we finally go back to the cabin because the rain started to pour hard.

I will be forever grateful for all the people who made this dream of mine possible. No kidding. I will treasure the experience forever. I had an amazing day even if its a bit cold but im not whining just saying because we have a different weather in the Philippines. I could say I'm just one lucky girl who was able to experience things like this. I feel blessed and thankful. 

Cheers for more experience. 



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