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Aug 23, 2015

This trip was many years in the making. I still can't imagine it happened and I was able to make my dream come true with the help of a good friend of mine. I think it's every girls dream to go visit Paris, not just because it is tagged as the most romantic place in the world but it is also the best shopping place in world for those who's into fashion. 

The Viseart Paris Head Office. Took us 2 hours to find this shop only to know that they are not selling any products because they are under construction. I was a little heartbroken that time. hahaha

Those breads looked delish. I didn't try though because I'm not a fan of bread. 

Tried their crepe and i must say the crepe in Cafe Breton here in Greenbelt is still my favorite. 

Just a glimpse of you from afar is enough. I'm not a fan of expensive bags. 

Oh noes! it's raining. Wasn't able to have the best shot of this famous Eiffel Tower.

 I must say, Paris is always a good idea. I enjoyed the entire trip except that i didn't like that it's raining the whole day we were roaming around. I loved the makeup shopping part. Food was a little bit disappointing because maybe we are unlucky to find the best restaurant. I would suggest that you come visit here during summer so you would be able to enjoy your trip because you are going to walk the entire time of your stay here as the cab fare is very expensive. Take train and tour buses where they would drop you to all famous tourist spot for one day. Oh and by the way I have one regret about this trip. I wasn't able to witness Paris at night where everyone says its where the magic begins. I was too tired the whole day and I can't afford to go out during the night time. All I wanted is to lay on bed and get my very well deserved rest. Well atleast I have another to come back. Who knows... :)


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