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Jul 6, 2014

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1. Blow dry the hair to create volume and to keep it shiny.
2. Section the hair into two and then secure it with a rubber band. 
3. After sectioning the hair into two, the upper part of the first section, section it into three, the first section has to be a small amount of hair because it will be used just to cover the rubber band. The other two section should be in the same size. Then braid all the four sections as seen on the photo. After braiding, pinch all the braids to create a flow so the hair won't look flat and very elementary.
4. Roll over the lower braid upward and do the same thing with the other two upper braids in an opposite direction (means downward) then place it next (right & left) to the lower braid we finished. Then secure it with bobby pins.
This is how the finished product should look like.

Products Used:
Doll head from: hd makeupacademy
Blower: Valera Professional
Bobby pins: suesh ph


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