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Jun 22, 2014

I so love giveaways! Specially when I always got lucky to win the product, just like this. I won this from Camile Co's giveaway. One of the fashion blogger I'm following in all her social media's account because I'm a fan. Thank you for picking me as one of your winner. Also thank you to Enhance Cosmetics for supporting Camile Co's giveaway.

Here is the enhance cosmetics 80 color eyeshadow pallet in marquee. I love their packaging. It's light and and not so big to bring anytime I have makeup gig.


I can say that the pigments of this eyeshadow is enough if you want a light weight looking makeup in a daytime or night time. Above photo where I didn't use an eyeshadow primer is so light. The color doesn,t pop up as compare to the photo where I used an eyeshadow primer before applying the eyeshadow. It's because this eyeshadow has low pigments. But nevertheless for the price of P700 you'll get to have an 80 colors of eyeshadow to play with. All you need is an eyeshadow primer if you want to last your eyeshadow longer than without using it. 
Left Eye w/o eyeshadow primer Right Eye w/ eyeshadow primer

Can you see the difference? As you can see the one with the eyeshadow primer is more visible than without, but still you can use this eyeshadow without the primer if you just want a lighter makeup in a daytime. But i suggest you use a primer if you are going out at night so the eyeshadow will be long lasting and the color will pop up according to how visible you want it.
My sister channeling this Enhance Cosmetics Eyeshadow. Thank you for your patience and for being game. (haha)

WHERE TO BUY: Enhance Cosmetics Instagram Account
PRICE: P700 only

 Lightweight packaging
So many colors to play with
Very much affordable

Not highly pigmented

Yes because it has all the colors I need and I love their packaging. I recommend this to every makeup junkie and to everyone who's starting to learn makeup as it's affordable and you'll have many colors to practice with.


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