Jun 21, 2014

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It's so refreshing! That's exactly what i felt when i was here at this white long beach during my summer vacation. Who wouldn't love this place? It feels like i owned this island. No one was here when we got here, just me and my tour guide who also happened to be my photographer. Thank you ate Mercy for taking my OOTD photos. :) 

Even if it's raining, no one can stop me from enjoying this moment. I got to try to doing cart wheel, not my best though but it's good enough since i haven't done this for 12 years. (hahaha) I only did this when I was in grade school. I was surprised I can still do it! Guess this will be my signature OOTD pose. (lol)

After 5 mins of pouring, finally here's the sun coming out! Raining while on the beach is just perfect for me because It doesn't feel sticky, however It's supposed to be summer so it has to have sun shine on my photo. So here it is! I got to change my bottom into a little bit more revealing than my first one.  Oh! well no one is here other than me & the tour guide so I'm not that shy. (hahaha) I'm so in love with this place. But I gotta get up because there's so many sand lice biting me!! 

Brands I'm Wearing
Soleil Swimwear : Mailot Swimwear & black bottom
nudo swimwear :sunglasses
lucky charm bracelet : auntie's gift


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