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Jun 7, 2014

Traveling alone wasn't in my thinking when i plan this trip to El Nido Palawan. I am supposed to be with my friend when he suddenly backed out on the day of our flight because of some important matter that he cannot cancel, so he decided not to come with me. At first I was so hesitant to go by myself because i haven't done traveling with out company. But after asking some friends who are expert in backpacking alone I decided to go even if I'm still afraid of what will happen to me during this trip. 

I arrived in El Nido around 3am in the morning after 6 hours of travel through van from Puerto Princesa. I didn't book a hotel yet before getting here so I asked the guy next to me inside the van who's traveling with his family if where are they going to stay? I was actually pretending I already have a place to stay, that I'm not alone and my friends are already in El Nido. It's just I'm afraid to tell them that I'm alone since i don't know if they can be trusted. (hahaha) Well, that's what I heard from some solo traveler particularly to the girls that never disclosed to anyone that you are traveling alone. So to cut the story short, I ended up staying to the same hotel with them since I'm afraid to roam around and look for other possible place to stay at. The photo above is my room, nothing fancy but for me it's fine because i got it for only P600 per night from the original price of P1,700 per night. So it's time to rest. (zzzzz)

On my first day, I booked a combination of Tour A (Lagoons & Beaches) & C (Hidden Beach, Tapiutan Beach, Star Beach, Matinloc Beach, Helicopter Island) which i got for only P1,000 over the regular price of P2,600. I guess I'm really good in bargaining. Tour A These are my co-tourist whom i'l be joining in this super exciting tour. 

I'm so amazed on how breathtaking this place is. The crystal clear water is undeniably perfect. The rocks formation are just too good to be true. It's like i'm in a paradise and I don't wanna go home. I wanna stay here for good.

But ofcourse we have to get back to our hotel since this tour runs for a day only. Only if I can just stay in one of the Island we've dropped off. Next time I'l bring a hammock and other camping gears so I can stay for a night. But for now lemme take a selfie, thanks to my monopod. Really a big help when you're alone and no one is available to take your photo. (hahaha)

I ended my night at Pukka Bar with a drink at  (mango fruit shake) only because I don't drink alcohol like the most of the traveler  locals I met here. Oh it doesn't end there yet. I got to dance and party like it's the end of the world. It's funny because every time I party people would always say "you're not even drinking alcohol yet you looked your drunk" (hahaha). I just know how to act like one. :)

Tips 101

Hotel: Rovics Pension 

Rovic's Pension House El Nido is situated along the long stretch beach front of Bacuit Bay.  You can hop in the boat for Island tours, just a few steps from the place.  El Nido is just a small town, so you can conveniently buy anything from nearby grocery stores and sari-sari stores just a minute walk from the place.

The "Veranda" overlooking Cadlao Island and some of the rooms for you to see. The room, fan rooms, air-con rooms, family room and double bed Rooms. The Family rooms can accommodate up to four persons with extra bed.


Family Room with hot shower - P2,500
Family Room                         - P2,200
Tripple Sharing Room            - P1,900
Double Room                        - P1,700
Additional pax                       - P350

Note: All room rates are air conditioned. If you wish to get a budget price like mine ask for a fan room.

Activities: Submariner Diving Center

Island Hopping Tours

Tour A: Small lagoon, Big lagoon, Secret lagoon, Simizu Beach, 7 Commando Beach @ P1,200 /pax
Tour B: Snake Island, Pangulasian, Codugnon Cave, Cathedral Cave, Inabuyutan Beach @ P1,300  /pax
Tour C: Secret Beach, Hidden Beach, Talisay Beach, Matinloc Shrine, Helicopter Island 
@ P1, 400 / pax
Tour D: Cadlao lagoon, Pasandigan Beach, Paradise Beach, Nat-Nat Beach, Bukal Beach 
@ P1,300/pax
(All island tours are inclusive of picnic lunch.)

Contact Person: Mercy Gariles
Contact No.    : 09292803963

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