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Jun 13, 2014

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Beach, clouds and hills, some of the scenery I'm missing when I get back to manila after my summer vacation. Like what I've said on my previous blog, when i first saw this place, i don't wanna go home and i just wanna live here. Fresh air, quite place & delicious seafood are just so perfect for me. I just wanna lie down on the white sand while listening to the ocean waves. But ofcourse I can't do that. I just wish I can. I gotta go back to the reality of being busy working in the Metro. 

Here are the photos before the rain starts from pouring. I'm so worried when the rain starts because I can't take a proper ootd shots. (hahaha)

And these are after the rain photos. Oh well I shouldn't have been worried because it makes me looked even more sexy with that wet hair effect. (lol).

nudo swimwear :sunglasses
forever21 :tank top
metro tent bazaar :maxi skirt
akita : flip flops
lucky charm bracelet : auntie's gift


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