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Mar 11, 2014

My friend busy doing the bride's makeup when I am waiting for the nest person i'm going to glam up.

"There she is! Already applied foundation, countour and blush."

                       "Finally the finished look"

There's a saying that the early bird cathes the worm. Feels so blessed when i got a message from my co-makeup artist at 5am in the morning. There's always an advantage being a morning person. It was a late noticed when her client told her that they'll be adding heads that she needs to do. Good thing I was already up when she suddenly message me asking if I am up and can help her assist in her wedding gig. It's already 5am and I have to be at the location at 6am and i was like, ok so i gotta get ready right away then. So i rushed freshing up myself and commute going to the location. Good thing the cab driver drove as fast as he could and i got at the location in 10 minutes. Whew! What a relief! I was on time even if i only have so little time to prepair and travel. I was actually assigned to assisst her in doing the base makeup only such as foundation, concealing, blush and contour. So i did a total of 7 persons and she let me finished completely one of them which is shown above. I wasn't able to take photos of the other 6 including the groom since i really got no time to do it. Super thanks to Mariz Dizon for letting me join her team. It was nice working with her again. This is the job i will never ever get tired of doing. Don't feel like working at all. Praying for more blessings to come. 


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