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Mar 16, 2014

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These are the products i tried and tested in the span of 3 days. Get yours for free here.

Surprisingly my entry got picked by sampleroom and I won a full size of one of the h2O product.

And here it is! The h2O Hydrating Treatment that i'l definitely love. Thanks sampleroom and h2O

B&A photo of me after 3 days of using h2O products i got from sampleroom

I've been dealing with breakouts for almost a year, and tried so many products that will somehow lessen the pimples i have but to my dismay nothing worked. Until sampleroom have this h2O products that I can try for free. And surprisingly! In the span of 3 days of using these products; h20 face oasis dual action exfoliating cleanserh2O shine neutralizing gel, & h2O moisture replenishing treatment, my pimples were lessen as you can see on the photos above. Even the pimple marks were lighten. Also with the help of h2O replenishing treatment my eyebags were not that visible. While the shine neutralizing gel keeps my face oily free everyday. I have a super oily face but with the help of these products i really don't have to worry if i looked like a pan with sizzling oil that all you need is an egg and you'll definitley have a scrambled egg! lol.
I'm so happy that i finally found the one! The one that will definitely works with my skin so i'l have my pimple free face back again. I miss my bare face with no pimples at all just like the old days. Thank you sampleroom for having this products.   I am now confident to go out even without makeup. Super duper inlove with H2O products.


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