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Feb 9, 2014

1. Gather all the hair up to the crown and pony tail it sideways as seen in above photo. It's up to you wether you want it on the right side or left side. 
2. Section the hair into three and start braiding.
3. After braiding take all the 3 braids to the right and scatter it like this so that all the braids are fronting to the right now. 
4. To achieve the messy braids look start pinching each braid and place it side by side without leaving the gap. The three braids should be place connecting to each other sideways. 
5. After pinching secure them with bobby pins. Make sure that there is no bobby pins popping out to make it as clean as possible. 
And there you go! If you followed my instuctions right, you have created this look i made. My so called messy braids bridal hairstyle. I hope you guys like it. Give me some love by following and subscribing to this blog and all my social networking sites that you can be found at the right side of this blog. 

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  1. The dress is awesome it LOOKS great, just what I was hoping for my wedding. The construction to shape the bodice is really great for support. Can't wait to wear it.