Feb 17, 2014

I've been looking for a drugstore foundation that will suit to my oily skin and while walking around watsons this BYS matte foundation took my attention. I looked for a tester right away and tried it on my left hand and waited for a minute and checked what is the effect after. I was surprised that it really has a matte effect right after i tried it. I found out that this is an Australian product, then i thought of my cousin who's based in Australia and asked her if she can get me some BYS product to try and she got me this Matte foundation in Natural beige since i forgot to tell her which shade i'm getting. Good thing it suits to my skin color. It's actually 2 shades lighter than my skin color but since i am acidic i didn't have a problem dealing with it. 

Finally after the long wait! I Can now try it! Thanks to my cousin who really looked for this product and disturbed her friend who is vacationing here to bring this for me. Hahaha.

I used my beauty blender on applying this product so i'l have an airbrush effect. 

And ta daahhh!! See how it blends well to my skin color? This is a before and after photo of me. Really find this product amazing because it is matte. "Matte kung matte talaga" you can use this even without using a powder to set because it will give you a matte effect right after applying it. But since i'l be roaming around the whole day i used my RCMA powder to set my face. And so happy with the result. Really really love this product. With my RCMA powder it helps the foundation stay for the whole day even  without retouching. They have 3 shades for this matte foundation from Natural Beige, Medium Beige to Sand Beige. You guys should have this if you have an oily skin. 

All photos are unedited for you guys to see the real effect. :)


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