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Jan 14, 2014

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Who wouldn't want to have all of these for free and let it try first before buying? Well i guess all of us would love to. Guess where you can grab these? Only at All you have to do is sign up and you'll automatically gets 100 points that you may use in buying the products you like. After purchasing the product you have to use it atleast for 5 days before making a review about the product and then you will re-gain another points where you can use it again on the next transaction. That is how you will earn points from them. And if you want to have bigger points, all you have to do is become a vip member. You can buy it for only Php599 and you get 1000 equivalent points just like what i did and you will enjoy as many products as you want. Vip points expire in 2 months so you gotta use it before it expires so you wont regret a thing. (lol) So yeah! Go visit and sign up here and enjoy products for free. 


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