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Jan 21, 2014

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A BB Cream with 8 skin benefits. Targets wrinkles, fine lines and age spots to reveal a younger-looking, radiant complexion. Contains CoQ10 & Green Tea Extract
  1. Slows down skin’s aging process
  2. Protects skin from UV rays
  3. Helps minimize wrinkles
  4. Softens and hydrates dry skin
  5. Promotes cell renewal
  6. Reduces pigmentation
  7. Retain moistures
  8. Aids in improving skin elasticity
This product doesn't suit to my skin because i have a yellow undertone and this has a pinkish tone. It will actually better if you can make something like this but will compliment the yellow undertone. I like the glow that it creates to my skin after applying it but then since i am morena it looks whiter on me. That is the effect when you apply a product that has a pinkish tone to the skin with yellow undertone. So i would recommend this to those who have a pink undertone because for sure it will gives the complete coverage and glow to your skin. Nevertheless i like that it has full coverage and keeps my face looked fresh the whole day. 


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