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Dec 1, 2013

What's inside?

The Dead Sea mud from Jericho contains natural minerals that are reqiured by our skin to keep it looking fresh and young. Minerals such as magnesium,potassium,sodium,calcium and bromide are all required by the skin to help retain moisture levels.
Benefits that they promise!
Improves blood circulation
Peels away dead skin cells
Removes dirt particles
Draws out impurities and toxins(black heads may appear after use)
Reduces wrinkles
We have found that the Dead Sea mud also provides effective relief for skin ailments such as psoriasis,eczema and acne.

How to apply?
When applying the mud either warm or cold you will feel your skin begin to tighten.As the mud dries out any toxins or impurities will be drawn out.This will leave your skin cleansed and purified. Leave the mud on your skin for 15-20 minutes and wash off with clear warm water. 
My friend and I was walking at the Lucky China Town Mall
When a Russian girl stopped us and let us tried this product that promised to clean and purify
your skin.
So we tried the product and viola! We we're amazed with the sudden effect.
And that made us decide to buy this procuct and tried at home.
There you go! Here is my first attempt to try this mud!
It's cold and it feels refreshing after landing it on my face.
I can say that it's really has an effect of cleaning your skin because i can feel how it works.
I'm not going to show you the after photo yet because i wanted to see the real effect
in 2 months since the sales lady promised us to see the difference after that.
But on this first try I can tell you that there is really a difference after and i wanted to prove 
That after using this in 2 months.:) 
So please wait for the extreme difference that i will going to show you. 


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