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Nov 8, 2013

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So here is where I spent my whole night alone while waiting for my friend Jarvin to come in the morning. Isn't my room is so lovely? I can't help but lie down and relax right away i came in.
And for the record this is what I had for dinner. :)
And yey! Finally I can sleep good while waiting for my friend coz I got to talked to someone so special to me. Distance will never be a hindrance if someoene means so much. Thank you so much for spending time with me. 
Finally my friend came just in time for breakfast. So we ate first before we went back to sleep. He just came from work so he needed to sleep. We just spent our whole day sleeping. Well that's what really our reason why we booked a hotel room. We just wanted to sleep the whole day and go out at night.:)
And yey! It's now time to go out! Time for some bonding out of the bed. Dinner at Movie Star Cafe in MOA. 
We just thought we can't eat that much so this is what we only had for dinner. It's yum yum!
After MOA we headed to greenbelt and had our dessert at Cafe Briton and decided to move to Spicy Fingers when Kuya Paul and his niece arrived. It's been a year of not seeing kuya paul and I'm so glad we meet again on my special day. 
After our chit chat we decided to go home at pass 1am. My birthday celebration starts from November 6 and ends at November 8. It's like a 3 days celebration. :)
And yes! It's official! I am now 24 years old. I don't know if I am mature enough at my age.:) because Kuya Paul told me I'm still the same who loves to play around. Fooling with myself and never been serious all my life! LoL! It's just a part of growing up. But i just realized that maybe I need to be serios this time. I can't be forever be kidding. Because people tend to misunderstood me all the time. Well you can call me Missunderstood.:) So this is how I celebrated my birthday. To sum it up? I had so much fun! But I can be even happier if my wish will be granted. Just that one wish. I wish to have that one more chance. That I can prove to myself that this time I can be right. I'm not giving up! Trials can never defeat me! 


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