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Aug 19, 2013

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Because of the bad weather and the floods everywhere,
Bank operation where I work is suspended for today.
So it means I have nothing to do today at home.
And i think of blogging my recent daytime makeup
look I did 2 weeks ago. Just. My everyday look.

I'l be focusing on what eyeshadow I used on this look.
It's actually one shade only from the feminine pallette
limited edition from Urban Decay.

Take a closer look on the eyeshadow pallet i used on my look below.

See how this eyeshadow pallet brightens my eyes? 
It's like a no makeup makeup look.
It is really good for an everyday use.
By the way I only used my finger tip in applying the eyeshadow
coz I'm in a hurry. You can always use your finger and 
will have a well blended result just like when you used 
an eyeshadow brush. 
How do you guys like it?


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