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Aug 17, 2013

Forgive me for blogging so late.
Took me forever to update my blog.
But I'm back now, ready to share what's on my mind. 
So now I would like to share what is my favorite
shade of lipstick. You may notice that I often used 
pinkish shade of lippie. One of them is this one.
I bought this from Fanny Serrano for only P299.
Isn't it so affordable? It is called matte ambrosia.
Of course this is a matte finish that I can promise durability.
I really like matte finished type of lipstick because I can wear it 
for a longer time. 

A closer look of Fanny Serrano Matte Ambrosia

So this is what I'm wearing here.
As you can see, I'm enjoying my lipstick on that photo.
Love pouting like Julia Montes way, trying to mimic her 
because they say I looked like her. Watcha think? :)


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