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Jan 3, 2013

On Thursday, January 03, 2013 by Milky Santiago in    No comments

GRENDHA Gold Flats 

Bangles from Bangkok, Belt from Landmark

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As we welcome the year 2013, let us all collect all the positivity and throw away all the negativity in life.
We should be thankful for all the blessings that God has given to us all through out the year of 2012. And so with that, my outfit is looking into more fruitful 2013. Notice my colorful dress with fruitful prints? It say's "hello to a fruitful 2013". Isn't it so cool? I love how my dress fits on me. Thank's to my cousin Jayson for sponsoring my outfit for this look. You are so sweet to buy me a present straight from Hongkong .:) Well sorry for the blurry photo. These weren't blurry for real, but i didn't know why it became blurry when i attached it here. So what do you think?


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