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Oct 23, 2017

Finally, the long wait is over after 3 years of dreaming to see one of the famous tourist spot here in Norway. When I was here 2 years ago, I was not able to go hiking to any touristy places because I do not know anyone who is up for any adventure like this. But now finally I found someone who is also adventurous like me. So I'm lucky to have a personal tour guide lol. 

Pulpit Rock also known as Preikestolen is located in the southern part of the Ryfylke district in Rogaland county in Western Norway. The city of Stavanger, the fourth largest in Norway, the parking facility for Preikestolen is located about one hour from Stavanger by ferry and car. 

Since we are coming from Stord, the total travel time by car and ferry is more likely 3.5 hours. We took two ferries in total to get to the starting point of the  mountain. If you are planning to go to Preikestolen, I suggest you go there by car because If you go by bus you'll be walking 2 more hours since there will be no bus going directly to Preikestolen. Or you can book a tour online with travel inclusion from your hotel to Preikestolen and vice versa. It will cost you aroud 1,200kr for a day tour. 

Preikestolen is 604 meters high, total estimated time to reach he peak is 2.5 hours, however, for some reason we only took 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach the peak. I'm not trying to sound like bragging though. haha. I guess I just walk really fast which is normal for me since I walk faster than normal. And also my mindset is to reach the top right away so I will not feel tired. During the hike, I have to take a 5 minute break once because I feel like dizzy. Since I'm not feeling well to start with. But it went well so i have nothing to worry about.

Take note that whenever you go out here in Norway you always need to check the weather so you will know what is the proper clothes to wear. Like this time, we knew that it will be sunny but windy so it is still cold so our clothes has to be wind proof and warm enough so as we wont freeze. Though my hands are still freezing because you know Asian, I'm not used to cold weather. haha.

Also you should bring some food and water because you will be hungry during the trip. We are smart enough to bring enough food to eat. I was actually dreaming of eating chicken adobo or sinigang with rice. haha. It must be cool to bring filipino dish and have a picnic on top of the Pulpit Rock.

Once we reached the top we just had a small break, since it was tiring before we decided to take photos ofcourse. But unfortunately when I was about to take photos, it was only then that i know that there's no memory card. So bringing my camera without the memory card in it is a huge fail. So again do not be like me. haha. I'm becoming forgetful now, must be sign of aging. lol. But life must go on. We have our phone so that saves the day. Though i must have an awesome photos if I used my mirrorless camera. 

Please bear with me if the photos I'm posting is not the best quality. But the memories are best saved in your heart and in your mind so that's the most important thing. haha.

Pretending like I can go closer to the edge
Should I go closer?

But the wind blows so maybe no. 
Well I can come closer, That was me the one closer to the edge
As you can see, I can't stand that long so I have to sit. Too scary. haha
hhhmm. I'm sure I can stand here without fearing of falling down
See? I told yah I can. 
Oh well I'm just kidding. It's really windy and I'm scared. I guess 

Btw here's my personal tour guide. ;)

I hope you guys learn something from this blog.

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Oct 18, 2017

When the sun shows up put on your shoes, go out and enjoy the weather. Hiking is the usual outdoor activity to do here in Norway. I'm not really a fan of hiking but since Norway has an amazing nature to offer, I decided maybe I should enjoy it while I'm here.

So the original plan was to go to Hardanger, however since we don't have much time, we decided to go somewhere closer and not too steep mountain to hike. 

It is 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from where I live and more than an hour to reach the peak. But it depends on how fast or slow you walk. But most likely it's just more than an hour walk.

Himåkåna is 357 meters above the sea level so it is not that hard to hike. Just make sure you wear the proper shoes. Do not be like me, I didn't wear the proper shoes for hiking so I ended up having wet feet since the mountain is a bit wet because it's been raining the day before we hike. Also it can be slippery so a proper shoes is really a must. And make sure you are wearing clothes that are warm enough if you are hiking in a cold weather. A waterproof/water resistant clothes is ideal in case it suddenly rain.

If you don't like hiking in a rainy days like me, make sure to check the weather before you plan of going out. In Norway, the most reliable weather forecasting app is called yr. You can also check their website here

Once you reached the peak of the Himåkåna you'll be just blown away because the view is breathtaking. Make sure you brought your camera with you so you can have an instagramable photo with it. The most important thing. lol. 

Here are some of the photos I got during the hike.

Pretending I'm not afraid. :p
When suddenly wind blows
That was a little bit scary

I hope you guys like it. See you on my next blog. :)

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Oct 13, 2017

I already mentioned in my previous blog (here) about why I wanted to be an Au-pair considering that I have a nice job in the Philippines that I really love. Now I am going to tell you guys the steps on how to land as an Au-pair here in Norway.

You have to create an account in an online agency such as energy and other agency that you can find online. In my case I have an account with this two agency, but I was able to find a host in energy aupair. I guess it is more useful than any other agency. 

Make sure that everything you indicated in your profile is true and correct because they will find out if you lied about your profile anyways. You have to be honest that you really wanted to be an au-pair so that the family host will find you interesting. And for you to have an interesting profile, indicate what kind of characters that you have that is related to child care since Au-pair caters to child care most of the time.

Check the website everyday and make sure to make an update on your profile  so your account will be on top of the others. If you will notice upon making an update in your profile you can see that your profile is always the first one to show in the Au-pair's list. So if you are really eager to find a host you will spend some time everyday to check out on your account.

You have to check your email often because all of the notifications will be sent to your email when there is a host interested in your profile. The host might send you a direct email if they are into hiring you as an aupair and will set a schedule for the interview.

Once you have found a family host that is interested in you, they will ofcourse want to talk to you via video calling so as they will know that you aren't fake. And for them to get to know you better. Skype is the most reliable application to use. Once you are all set and they decided that they will hire you, you can now use other messenger app like whatsapp for easier conversations.

I think this is the most important part of this blog. You really have to have patience in finding your perfect family host. Because as we all know, most of the host prefers someone who is already in Europe to lessen the waiting game and the expenses that they have to spend in getting an Au-pair outside Europe. Knowing that they will have to wait around 2-6 months in processing the visa if you are coming from the Philippines is a big deal for them. Believe it or not, I waited for almost 3 years before I was able to find a family host that is willing to wait for me regardless if I am coming from the Philippines. Well in my case I wasn't really in a rush since I have a job that I love in the Philippines. I just find this program fascinating that makes me really interested in doing it knowing that I'l be dealing with kids most of the time and not with my makeup brushes. With all this waiting, I was lucky to get my visa approved in 3 days after applying it. I guess this is really meant for me. Hahaha.

I hope I was able to help you with this information. If you have more questions about this topic kindly send me an email or you can find me here:

Thank you and see you again on my next blog.

Oct 2, 2017

So I met these two Filipina (Jean and Jeannie) with kids here in Stord who eventually became my friends and invited me to their house to have a chitchat & ofcourse eat a lot of food. 

Since I brought my camera with me, I decided to have a little fun with their daughters. I asked them to dressed up because we are going to play "model like" photoshoot. I was surprise that they ended up with these looks. I think they are really into it and they can be a future models too because they can follow my directions when I asked them to do a certain pose.

Here are the photos we had. I hope you guys like it. 

Kitty's Winter Look

Rebecca's Autumn Look

I'm Ready to see the Queen's Look

Let's keep it Simple Look

Summer Look

White and Ready
And if you wanna hire me as a Photographer please feel free to contact me at or call me at +4796968046
I can offer you an affordable package including makeup and styling. 

Thank you Jean and Jeannie for lending me your daughters. I know that in Norwegian culture they don't like their kids being photograph to be posted online. So just so you know I have their permissions to post this. 

Oct 1, 2017

17th of May (Birthday of Norway) My 3rd day since I arrived in Norway

Have you ever heard of the term Au-pair? I guess most of us have no idea what does it mean. Well I can help you explain what is this all about and why I chose to be an Aupair in Norway. 

An Au-Pair is a young person (18-29) willing to go abroad to spend a certain time with a local family. During this time he/she can learn or improve language skills and get to know their culture. The French term "au pair" translates as "on equal terms". Both parties share their responsibilities. This term has become the main idea of the program. 

My Family Host except she's not the wife but his Mother. The Mother couldn't join us because she has to work. The other kid is the one taking the picture

In exchange for being part of the family, Au Pair will take care of the children. The main task is to assist the family with some daily tasks related to childcare.This does not mean the Au Pair will become a full-time nanny or a cleaning lady. Aside from childcare Au pair has to do some light house works like tidying up the house. However it is not clear as to what is the light house works and what is not. But you can discuss it with your host family. Also there are some  Au pair agency that discusses about that topic. You may want to check this out. ( An Aupair works for 5 hours a day or not more than 30 hours a week and it should be followed. He/she is also entitled to 1 afternoon off and 1 day off a week. It has to be 1 sunday off per month. So if your host is letting you work more than that then you should consider finding a new host. Do not let them abuse you because you are not here to be their full-time maid. You have to know your rights as to what is enough and too much. Also an Aupair is not allowed to work to more than 1 family host. 

She's the eldest daughter of my host. The one taking the picture on the previous photo.

So why did I apply as an Au pair considering that I have a nice job in the Philippines and I'm earning more than what I'm getting as an Au pair? Well the main reason is that I am obsessed with the northern lights. I know it sounds crazy but yes I am here just to chase the aurora borealis. You might be wondering why not just come here in Norway as a tourist? Yes ofcourse I did that already twice but unfortunately I wasn't able to see it. Those times I was here, the northern lights are a bit shy i guess. So then I thought I need more time to be able to see it. My contract here is for 2 years, I think that is enough time to chase the northern lights.

My entire family host including the Sister of the kids Mother im looking after

So far I haven't seen it yet. But I'm planning to travel up north soon to find the best spot where I can enjoy them dance at night. 

I Will keep you posted once I'm able to witness it. 

* Excuse the not so good quality of photos because I lost all my photos when my phone and laptop suddenly bid goodbye during my 2nd month here. I have so many not so good happenings that happened here. I'l tell you guys on my next blog. 

Jul 21, 2016

As you will notice, I've been very active the past few days doing yoga, crossfit and gym exercises. I'm not doing this to lose weight, I just wanted to do something productive when I'm not doing makeup job so I tried to get a guava pass membership for a month to try different kinds of exercises. So before my membership for a month expire, which  is tomorrow, I decided to try boxing. Actually I was thinking maybe I could try boxing, then fencing and yoga in a day just for me to used up the the guava pass membership before I had it cut. But after the boxing session I no longer have an energy to do other stuff. I guess I underestimate boxing. LOL. You'll enjoy guava pass if you love yoga, boxing, fencing class, and crossfit because they have a lot of choices for that. I didn't like it because they don't have open gym in Makati but they in Quezon City. I prefer to go to the gym so i can lift weights and work out my legs and butt which is my favorite thing to do. Thus I decided to cut my membership after trying it for a month. But before that, let me enjoy my first time in boxing class.

You can watch the video below if you wanna see how it goes.

Just my tip, if you wanna go boxing in Elorde make sure you have your own gloves because their gloves is so smelly, must be because so many people used it already. I don't have a choice but to rent gloves because I don't own one since I don't do boxing as my hobby anyways. I paid 75 pesos including the bondage.

Boxing is really tiring for me, I guess this is a good exercise if you really wanna lose weight because all of your body parts are being active. I still prefer going to the gym though, however I enjoyed the boxing session I had today.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope to see you again on my next adventure.

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Jul 19, 2016

1. Transformers
Name your celebrity crush and you can date her in an hour. You have no reason to look for other girls because they can make themselves look like anyone you fantasized. (Mambabae ka pa talaga? di ka makuntento?)

PHOTO Grabbed from @phochoy_29 instagaram

2. Weightlifters
You have no idea how much weights they're carrying everyday. Just the makeup station itself weighs 15kg with nothing inside, plus the other lights and makeup tools will weigh more or less 30kg in total. It won't be that hard for you if you break their heart because you know they can survive. (kahit anong bigat kaya nila yan. Pasan ko ang daigdig ang peg niyan.)

3. Passionate
Always excited whenever they booked a makeup gig, because they never feel like working at all, they're inlove with their job. They are passionate about it, even if it means standing for long hours even whole day, with no eating in between and facing demanding clients. Their passion is incomparable. (Try mo lang wala naman mawawala kung susubukan mo.)

PHOTO Grabbed from

4. Funny
Makeup artists are not just there to beautify their clients. They're also entertaining their clients specially the brides, to ease the nervousness they're feeling on that big day. So you won't be bored dating them because they were born being an entertainer too. (para kang nasa comedy bar everyday pak! ganern!)

PHOTO Grabbed from 

5. Patient
No matter how long the waiting hours is they'll wait because the taping isn't done yet. They have to be there to do the retouch and everything. They wont rush you and will wait for you when you are ready. (Pero huwag mo naman paasahin sa wala at lalong lalo na sa parang meron, sabihin mo agad ng derecho. Ganyan kayo eh! Paasa!)

PHOTO Grabbed from

Jul 15, 2016

I haven't tried filming my self while doing my makeup and I thought why not give it a try since I'm not doing anything today. It will also give me an idea if I am a telegenic or not? haha. This is not a detailed makeup tutorial, it's more on just showing you on how i do my own makeup whenever I wanna look glamorous even if i'm not going anywhere. 

Here's the video clip I posted in my youtube channel. Please subscribe and watch out for more videos that i'l be uploading soon. It can be about makeup, travel, food and fitness.

Jun 14, 2016

It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.

Hair and Makeup: Milky Santiago
Photographer: Raphael Yu
 Model: Kiteria Oliveira of Womens Folio Management

Oct 7, 2015

My friend posted a photo on facebook while picking blueberries and I kinda felt ecstatic like a kid to experience that in real life. I only see blueberries fruit but i have no idea how its trees looked like. My friend was in Kvinesdal Norway for a Holiday that time so i talked to her and asked if i can visit her in her boyfriend's place so i could experience to pick some blueberries since I'm also going in Norway for 2 months vacation. Sound fancy isn't it? 
Finally I'm here!. After 2 hours of Train ride and 20 mins Taxi ride I was able to find their place. And ofcourse I'm so hungry when I arrived so she prepared some food we could eat.

Yay! as you can see she made this blueberry cheesecake. I'm not a fan of cake but I could eat this all because I didn't find eat sweet at all. All I can taste is the blueberry fruit. 

Before heading to her boyfriend's cabin where we could pick bluberries, we had to chill out first after we ate because I'm so full that I can't even walk properly. Lol.
Btw this is their cute house. So clean and tidy inside courtesy of ate Amie ofcourse. I think in general, we Fililipina are so OC when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of the house.  
Here we go! Time to do some sightseeing first before we finally go to their cabin. Kenneth (Amie's Boyfriend) drove us to here so I could see Kvinesdal on top. Their place is so small I could see all the houses. I learned that there is 6000 population in this area. So small compare to 100 million population in the Philippines. No wonder it's not polluted in Norway. 
Ate Amie, her boyfriend and Me  ofcourse we need to take a groupie. Thank you Kuya Kenneth for welcoming me to your house. 
Here we are. This is where their cabin is located. Near this lake where you can go fishing and ride a boat if you got nothing to do. I took this inside their cabin because the rain started to drop.
Wow! is the firs word i uttered when i get inside their cabin. How can you not be amaze with this place? I feel like I'm in a 5 star resort/hotel or something. I loved the chandelier. 
Last picture inside the cabin before we go out to their backyard for blueberry picking. 
Finally! So this is how blueberry tree looked like in real life, or should i call this a grass. Lol. I was like whaaattt??? Well Norway has a small version of blueberries, because the one we can see at the groceries are bigger than this. But nothing to worry about because it still taste like a blueberry. 

This is all what we got after 20 mins of picking. We almost made it full before we finally go back to the cabin because the rain started to pour hard.

I will be forever grateful for all the people who made this dream of mine possible. No kidding. I will treasure the experience forever. I had an amazing day even if its a bit cold but im not whining just saying because we have a different weather in the Philippines. I could say I'm just one lucky girl who was able to experience things like this. I feel blessed and thankful. 

Cheers for more experience.